When Argentina’s Jorge Fernandez-Canel is on the brink of collapse

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez-Silva is facing a dire political situation after Argentina’s economy collapsed in 2015 and a powerful opposition party blocked her attempt to run again in 2022.She has been hospitalized with pneumonia and is being treated at a hospital in Buenos Aires.But Fernandez-Castro, who has a history of drug addiction, has refused to […]

How to create a drama lecturer with a lot of practice

In this episode of The Hacker News Live, we talk to a drama professor who has been doing this for over a decade.This podcast was originally published on May 20, 2017.Subscribe to The Hacker.fm podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music to hear more episodes of The Hackers podcast. What do you want to hear next?Check […]

How to do a basic class on the meaning of words: a primer

The term lecture podium is often used interchangeably with lecture hall, and is often referred to as a lecture hall.Lectures are an integral part of a lecture, and while they are not typically the most engaging part of the lecture, they are an essential part of learning.However, the term lecture is also used to refer […]

Bill Gates lectures in calculus 2 lectures

The Gates Foundation’s Bill Gates is scheduled to lecture in two lectures at the University of Chicago on Monday, September 23.Gates, who was named a US Humanitarian of the Year in 2010, will give a lecture at 1:30pm at the College of Liberal Arts.“The lecture will be on Calculus 2, which is the theory behind […]

Why are some programmers reluctant to embrace the C++ standard?

C++ has a reputation for being difficult for newbies to get used to, and it’s often a source of frustration when it comes to trying to figure out how to use it.But the C standard is a lot easier to learn than the C pre-standard.In this article, I’m going to give you a general overview […]

How to talk to people with autism

A new online video series by the advocacy group Autism Speaks will highlight a series of social skills teachers, including those in the community, to help people who have autism learn how to talk with others and express themselves in the social sphere.In a video, “How to Talk to People with Autism,” a series called […]

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