How to Live: Horoscopes, Lyrics, and Lyrics (And More!)

by Lizzie Molyneux If you’re looking for inspiration for a Horoscope, you’re in the right place!Here are a few things you should know about horoscopes.First, the term horoscope is a reference to a collection of images or symbols that represent the future, as in a future birth chart or a future life chart.The horoscope often […]

How do you decode the words and phrases in an argument?

The phrase ‘unscrams’ a word is the most common way that a student or teacher will interpret the meaning of a word.This means that it is a word that was used before and has been forgotten or has a completely different meaning from what was intended.Unscrambling a word means finding out what the original meaning […]

What are the world’s best lecturers?

In this episode, we talk with the world-renowned lecturer, elm, about the best lecturing you can do, the difference between lecturing and teaching, and what you should be doing for the rest of your career.

How to make the perfect dinner at home

I can’t wait to get home and start cooking.My kids are coming home from school on Thursday, and my son is a bit rusty.I’m not quite ready to open the fridge, so I’m just going to do what anyone would do: cook up a meal for dinner.I’ve been meaning to make a vegan lasagna for […]

Which one of the world’s great philosophers has influenced you the most?

Theodore Herzl (1897-1970) was one of France’s most prolific and important political thinkers.His essay “The Problem of the Modern World” has become one of its most influential works.His insights were later used in the formulation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.Today, he is often credited […]

Why the ‘I’ word is not an insult

It’s time to put the ‘c’ in ‘censor’ once and for all.That’s the idea behind the “I’m Not a Censor” campaign.“There’s no such thing as a censor in Canada, but the phrase ‘I’m not a censor’ is a common one,” said Paul Leduc, a Canadian film and television historian who founded the campaign, which was […]

Why are so many Canadians complaining about their healthcare?

Posted May 08, 2018 05:21:00 Canadian doctors, nurses and health workers are often accused of being overly busy or understaffed, while their counterparts in the United States are frequently described as understaffing.And despite some notable improvements in Canada, Canadians are still experiencing an under-investment in health care, with a new report estimating the country’s health […]

Elma Watts Talks About Teaching the Basics of Science, History, and the Big Bang in Her Latest Lecture

Prof. Elma Watt, the author of the popular book The Big Bang Theory, is set to deliver her first lecture in three months.She is set for a lecture on “Why The Universe Started.”This is not Watt’s first lecture on the subject.She taught a class in 2007, and she also gave an introductory class in 2005.She […]

Why bullying isn’t bullying anymore, and why we’re still stuck with it

By now, most of you have probably heard the words bullying lecture, and the arguments used to argue that it is.There is a certain degree of truth in both arguments, and they are often used by those who want to justify the ways in which they believe the world is in the midst of a […]

How to tell the difference between Trump and Bannon: What to look for in a chief strategist

President Donald Trump has named Steve Bannon to lead the White House, according to a report by Politico.The appointment is a significant shift from his first two months in office, when Bannon was seen as an outsider who had little or no experience in Washington.He also had no political experience, and his political stances were […]

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