Which lectures should I attend? The experts answer

By Andrew Burnes | Updated March 27, 2018 09:24:21What to do with a lecture if you don’t have time for it?You might be thinking: What if I’m on the phone and need a quick lecture on something?If that’s you, you could always go online and rent a video or book to watch.But the experts here […]

Which Christmas Lectures Do You Really Want?

In the spirit of celebrating the season, Bleacher Reports has compiled a list of all the Christmas lectures that are really worth listening to.The list is divided into five categories:A) Christmas Lecture Series that are worth the price of admissionB) Christmas Series that you may want to skipC) Series that don’t quite make the cutD) […]

How to handle ‘unexpected’ emergency calls

The American Society of Anesthesiology has launched an initiative to help medical professionals respond to emergency calls that are “unexpected.”The organization announced on Thursday that it is launching a “Medical Response Training Program” to help those who work in hospitals or other medical facilities to better prepare themselves for an emergency.The goal is to give […]