Which is better for you: A quick look at the latest medical research

Researchers at the University of Sydney are offering advice to doctors who are struggling to find a doctor to see them in their condition.The team, led by Professor Paul Williams, says they want to change the way we treat the many patients who come to them with complex conditions and chronic conditions.“We believe that the […]

How to create a ‘chaos’ theory

A lot of people will have heard of “chaos theories” or “theory of everything”, which have been developed to explain how certain systems work, and the causes and effects of certain events.But what exactly is a “chauvinist theory”?According to the dictionary definition, a chauvinistic theory is a theory of things that have no basis in […]

Feynman Lectures: The last lecture

Feynmann’s last lecture was in the US on January 6, 2000, but he wasn’t done yet.His talk was titled “What’s Next for Physics?”It was published in Physical Review Letters in October, 2000.Here’s what Feynmans talk had to say: As the years go on, I think physics and mathematics have been, for the most part, more […]