What you need to know about lecturers and university lecturing in Canada

You’re going to hear a lot about lecturing these days.But, you might not know that a lot of it is being done on campus, without the approval of the university.We’re talking about lectures being offered in public, or in private, or even in classrooms.We’ve already written about what to expect in lectures, and what not […]

How to create a Brilliant Lecture Series

This article was first published on November 12, 2018.It was last updated on February 26, 2019.This article has been updated on January 28, 2019 to reflect the fact that the current list of lectures on the website of the European Commission has not been updated since February 2016.

How to Survive the Longest Lecture Survival Survival Lecture

The best way to survive the longest lecture survival lecture survival is to be prepared for it.It is a survival skill that can help you to be on your best behaviour for long term.┬áIn this lecture series, we are going to show you the best survival strategies to survive a lecture.We are going for simplicity, […]