When the Indian public gets tired of their government, it may have to start thinking about what’s best for them

When the public gets bored of the Indian government, you can expect to see some serious changes, especially with regard to the way that people are being treated.In India, people are getting used to having their lives monitored and monitored by various authorities, and are beginning to demand that the government do something about it.The […]

Elma Watts Talks About Teaching the Basics of Science, History, and the Big Bang in Her Latest Lecture

Prof. Elma Watt, the author of the popular book The Big Bang Theory, is set to deliver her first lecture in three months.She is set for a lecture on “Why The Universe Started.”This is not Watt’s first lecture on the subject.She taught a class in 2007, and she also gave an introductory class in 2005.She […]

Alan Watts: How to get the most out of your research

By Alan WattsThis week, Alan Watts sat down for a fascinating lecture on the psychology of science, where he shared his insights on how to use your research to get what you need out of it, and how to keep it coming.It’s one of the rare occasions where a scientist can actually speak on his […]

Alan Watts talks about his screenwriting career and his love of The Beatles

A screenwriter’s career is an interesting one, with different paths taken for every actor, director and writer, but Alan Watts, the father of screenwriting and one of the greats, had a much different path to take in the 20s than other actors of the time.When Watts was still a teenager, he was offered the part […]

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