How to Find a Graduate Job in Accounting

A lot of students and alumni say that they are excited to learn about how to become a professional accountant.In the last year, this has resulted in some graduates having to go to graduate school and learn their craft from someone else.But it also means that some of the job opportunities that they thought were […]

Economist’s lecture series is getting new life as Spain faces economic crisis

Economists from the European Central Bank are on the scene of the country’s most recent economic crisis to deliver a lecture series that’s received a boost in popularity since the country is preparing for a second election.“Austerity and a recession is the biggest economic challenge we face in Europe, and we have a duty to […]

How to be a doctor and how to make money in Israel

This article was originally published on June 8, 2018.¬†As of July 1, 2020, the Israeli Medical Association, the country’s largest medical association, announced the formation of a new division for physicians in the country.The new division, called the Israel Medical Institute, will oversee the training of medical professionals and the appointment of new graduates.The institute, […]