A Psychology of Lecture Recipe: The Lecture’s Essential Ingredients

Lecture recipe?I’ll get to that.Lecture is a method of instruction, not a method for self-improvement, according to the most famous of modern American professors, James Madison.It is an art form, he said, and not a science.Madison said his philosophy was that we ought to teach the truth, not simply to teach it to others.We should […]

When the Indian public gets tired of their government, it may have to start thinking about what’s best for them

When the public gets bored of the Indian government, you can expect to see some serious changes, especially with regard to the way that people are being treated.In India, people are getting used to having their lives monitored and monitored by various authorities, and are beginning to demand that the government do something about it.The […]

Why the ‘I’ word is not an insult

It’s time to put the ‘c’ in ‘censor’ once and for all.That’s the idea behind the “I’m Not a Censor” campaign.“There’s no such thing as a censor in Canada, but the phrase ‘I’m not a censor’ is a common one,” said Paul Leduc, a Canadian film and television historian who founded the campaign, which was […]

What is Islam? – interactive lecture

Lectures about Islam have become a popular subject for Islamic lectures, but they can be hard to find.That is not surprising, given the current climate.One of the biggest challenges for Islamic speakers is finding venues and venues for Islamic events.Here’s a look at what is available in Sydney.In January, a Muslim man named Mohammed Shafiq […]

Which is better for you: A quick look at the latest medical research

Researchers at the University of Sydney are offering advice to doctors who are struggling to find a doctor to see them in their condition.The team, led by Professor Paul Williams, says they want to change the way we treat the many patients who come to them with complex conditions and chronic conditions.“We believe that the […]

What is the best college lecture? – The Harvard Crimson

By now, you’ve probably seen this article, but don’t worry – it’s actually not an opinion article.It’s based on a personal conversation with the former Harvard professor.Dr. Reith, who died in December of last year, told the Harvard Crimson that he believes that the best lectures are the ones that are about something important and […]

What you need to know about lecturers and university lecturing in Canada

You’re going to hear a lot about lecturing these days.But, you might not know that a lot of it is being done on campus, without the approval of the university.We’re talking about lectures being offered in public, or in private, or even in classrooms.We’ve already written about what to expect in lectures, and what not […]

Why are so many Canadians complaining about their healthcare?

Posted May 08, 2018 05:21:00 Canadian doctors, nurses and health workers are often accused of being overly busy or understaffed, while their counterparts in the United States are frequently described as understaffing.And despite some notable improvements in Canada, Canadians are still experiencing an under-investment in health care, with a new report estimating the country’s health […]

How to be a better listener with najeeba lectures

In a series of lectures at Stanford University, Nassim Najeeb, the author of the bestselling book The Secret Life of the Body, explained to the audience what he calls the “great art of listening.”“It’s like a skill that I’ve been practicing for 20 years,” he said.“And it’s the way we are wired.”Najeebb is best known […]

Which lectures should I attend? The experts answer

By Andrew Burnes | Updated March 27, 2018 09:24:21What to do with a lecture if you don’t have time for it?You might be thinking: What if I’m on the phone and need a quick lecture on something?If that’s you, you could always go online and rent a video or book to watch.But the experts here […]

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