Elma Watts Talks About Teaching the Basics of Science, History, and the Big Bang in Her Latest Lecture

Prof. Elma Watt, the author of the popular book The Big Bang Theory, is set to deliver her first lecture in three months.She is set for a lecture on “Why The Universe Started.”This is not Watt’s first lecture on the subject.She taught a class in 2007, and she also gave an introductory class in 2005.She […]

How to make your first live blog

article The first live event you want to attend is one that is free and is meant to get people engaged. Live events tend to be shorter, which is good for your social media and SEO.Live events are also often a chance to engage with your audience and build your brand.But there are a few things […]

Which Christmas Lectures Do You Really Want?

In the spirit of celebrating the season, Bleacher Reports has compiled a list of all the Christmas lectures that are really worth listening to.The list is divided into five categories:A) Christmas Lecture Series that are worth the price of admissionB) Christmas Series that you may want to skipC) Series that don’t quite make the cutD) […]

Which religion has the greatest influence on your daily life?

The question is a common one among Christians, who are often asked to rate their faith on how closely they follow their leaders.A recent study by the Pew Research Center looked at the influence of different religions on Americans’ daily lives, using data from Pew Research and Gallup.“Christianity has a significant influence on the American […]

Why bullying isn’t bullying anymore, and why we’re still stuck with it

By now, most of you have probably heard the words bullying lecture, and the arguments used to argue that it is.There is a certain degree of truth in both arguments, and they are often used by those who want to justify the ways in which they believe the world is in the midst of a […]

The first-ever American-born president to visit Venezuela

A group of Venezuelans is hoping to get their first-born son, who was born to an American citizen and the wife of an American diplomat, to attend the inauguration of President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday.The American born to a Venezuelan mother and American citizen wife is the first American to attend such an event, said […]

When Ben Stein says it’s a ‘tragedy’ that the president’s health care law doesn’t cover birth control, the media is reporting it as if he was saying he didn’t believe women should be able to have abortions.

By the way, that was the second time Stein said this in the last 24 hours.He said the president is ‘worried about the prospect of the president of the United States being on birth control.’Stein said he has been ‘frightened by the prospect that he might not have access to the most effective, most cost-effective, […]

Which of these three Nobel Laureates is the greatest?

By JOHN MCCARTHYThe Nobel Prize in Physics is one of the most prestigious prizes in the world.It is awarded annually to a man or woman whose work has had an impact on the sciences, and the prize is considered a reflection of how the scientific community has evolved over time.But this year, as the award […]

How to tell the difference between Trump and Bannon: What to look for in a chief strategist

President Donald Trump has named Steve Bannon to lead the White House, according to a report by Politico.The appointment is a significant shift from his first two months in office, when Bannon was seen as an outsider who had little or no experience in Washington.He also had no political experience, and his political stances were […]

How to Learn to Listen to a Conversation on the Bus

From the inside of the bus, Dr Fox, the head of the University of Oxford’s Lecture Stand, takes the lessons he learned on the road to becoming a lecturer, with a lecture hall.In this exclusive interview, Fox explains how he became a lecturer and what it was like to go from student to lecturer, and […]

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