Nursing lecturer Zhan Zhu has created a cryptocurrency with the use of smart contract technology.

Zhu is a former software engineer, and she has a master’s degree in computer science and a bachelor’s degree from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Her main interest is in artificial intelligence, and the idea behind the project was to create an automated healthcare provider in a digital form.

She told Cryptocurrency News:I’ve always been interested in technology.

I started doing research on digital currencies, and after some time, I came across a very promising project that was developing smart contracts, which is really interesting.

I thought it’s really cool and interesting, so I started creating a cryptocurrency in my spare time.

When I created my own cryptocurrency, I decided to start from scratch and write a program that would automate all the tasks that a nurse would do.

So I started to write a smart contract and I was already pretty comfortable with smart contracts in general, so it’s not like I had no experience with them.

Zhan Zhu’s cryptocurrency, The Nurse, is currently trading on the Bittrex exchange and the price is currently hovering around $1,500.

It is the first cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts to automate tasks in a way that does not require any human interaction.

Zhao has built The Nurse in a very smart way.

The program was written with Ethereum and was designed to be as simple as possible, to reduce the amount of complexity.

The code has been tested by many different people, and it has not crashed or suffered any bugs.

The nurse uses the Ethereum smart contract platform to run the program.

It also works by sending a transaction to a smart address.

The smart contract uses the transaction to calculate the amount that will be paid out, and then it automatically calculates the payment amount to pay the nurse.

The payment amount is paid to the smart address, and in the future, when the nurse performs the tasks, the smart contract calculates the payments and then sends the funds to the appropriate smart address of the patient.

The smart contract has a few additional features that can help make it more convenient for the nurse, such as a reminder function to remind the nurse about the amount the nurse will receive for each task.

The software is still in development and there is no word on how much the nurse is paid.

Zhan said:I am very satisfied with the result of the project and I feel it is very smart.

It can be used for many different tasks and I am confident that the nurse can use it as well.

She added:It is very exciting to see how smart contracts can be integrated into our daily lives.

There are plenty of projects in the market that use blockchain technology, but none of them has been as easy to use as The Nurse.

Zhang said:It can be an interesting and interesting way of helping to save the nursing profession, as well as helping people in the healthcare sector.

It will help the nurses and the nursing staff to get better care and increase productivity.

The project is also very popular, so many people are using it to save money on their healthcare bills.

It will be interesting to see if the project is a success, as many people have expressed a lot of interest in the project.

If it does become more popular, The Nursing could become a trend, as it has already been used in several countries.