The Netflix series Revista lectura española, a Spanish version of the popular show, will be available to stream on August 1st.

It is the first time the series will be shown on the streaming service in over a year, and it will be a big hit.

Netflix confirmed the news to E!, confirming that the series is being streamed in Spanish, but only the English version will be playable.

“Revista lecturus españa,” a title of the series, means “The Revista,” in Spanish.

The show follows the lives of a Spanish journalist who was the first to write about the history of the Spanish civil war, and how she tried to help bring it to an end.

The series, written by a Spanish writer, was adapted into a short film in 2016, and the Netflix version is available to watch in both Spanish and English.

The new season will have two new characters, which includes one new character who is from Spain and one new person from Italy.

The rest of the cast, including Felipe Pena, Rosalind Sainz, Mariano Diaz, Maria Pia, and other actors, will also return.

In addition to this, Revista will introduce a new brand of digital audio-video recorder, called Revista.

Revista is a new service that is available on Netflix that lets users record audio and video in real time and share it with others.

The service, which has a number of similar offerings, is being developed by Spanish broadcaster Cadena Ser, and will feature several new features.

The streaming service has also launched a new “Achievements” section for the show.

The first achievement will be to become the best-selling Spanish language movie in Netflix history, which is currently achieved by the Spanish film Loca en Lucha de los Queres, which had just hit its 30th anniversary.

The next achievement is to become one of the best Spanish TV shows of all time, and third is to win an Emmy for a documentary series, which the show won for its “Sisterhood of the Cop.”

Netflix has already shown the first episode of Revista in its Spanish version, and has already started streaming it in the U.S. and Canada.

The latest news from Netflix was that the new series is set to debut on August 3rd, but that the show will be limited to a limited number of users.

“We know that many of you want to watch the series and get some of the highlights from the first season,” the company wrote on Twitter.

“But we also know that a lot of you may be waiting until August 3 to see the full show.

We’re excited to announce that we will be bringing the series to a wider audience, including to the first 100 episodes of the first series and the full two seasons of the second series.”

Netflix is also announcing that the company will be making available a new app, Revilla.

Revilla is a Spanish-language version of Revistas show that is designed to be accessed through the new Netflix service.

Users can add episodes to their collection by following the steps below.

The app will show you the most recent episodes and make it easier to keep track of them.

In the first month after launching the service, Revillas episodes will be streamed as they come out.

After that, the episodes will appear in the main Revista section of the app.

“As always, we are thrilled to welcome you to Revista, and we hope you enjoy watching the new episodes of Revilla!” the company said.

“Stay tuned to our Revista YouTube channel for more news on Revista.”

Netflix also said that it will continue to improve Revista for its users.

The company has also said it will begin streaming more episodes of a new Spanish series in the coming weeks.