MSNBC — The American Jewish University’s BDS instructor position is hiring for a position where students and faculty are encouraged to learn more about Israel, the BDS movement, and the Palestinian struggle for statehood.BDS is an international movement of Palestinians seeking to achieve statehood by force from the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

BDS seeks to gain recognition as a nation by exercising political and economic power over Israel and the Palestinians.

Bds teaches how to develop an understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a critical and analytical approach, with an emphasis on how the Palestinians have experienced and reacted to Israeli oppression, violence, and occupation of their land and people for thousands of years.

Students will learn from the perspectives of individuals who are part of BDS and those who have participated in the movement, how BDS is supported by the United States and other countries and what BDS has done to help change the world.

The position is in the School of Political Science and Public Affairs at the AMU and will require the following skills:A solid grasp of the BDS platform as well as the history of the movement and its impact on American society.

A strong commitment to promoting dialogue and solidarity among Israelis, Palestinians, and other international groups and individuals on issues of solidarity and justice for all.

An understanding of how Israel, its government, and society are interconnected.

A willingness to be part of a student-led community effort and participate in social justice activism.

The application will open March 20.

The job is open to all students who meet certain academic and academic-related criteria.

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