This article was originally published on June 8, 2018. 

As of July 1, 2020, the Israeli Medical Association, the country’s largest medical association, announced the formation of a new division for physicians in the country.

The new division, called the Israel Medical Institute, will oversee the training of medical professionals and the appointment of new graduates.

The institute, which will operate out of an office in Jerusalem, will aim to help physicians with their training.

It will also offer courses for Israeli citizens who want to become physicians.

“In Israel, we want to train the medical professionals to be doctors, to be the medical specialists of the future, the future doctors of the country, not just the ones who are working today,” said Dr. Naftali Zayon, president of the association.

The organization plans to set up an online portal for medical students, who can apply to be students of the new division.

“We have a goal to create a medical college in Israel,” Zayor said.

“We want to create medical school in Israel.”

Zayon said the association hopes to eventually build the institute’s primary hospital, which is expected to open in 2021.

It plans to offer residency training to its first graduates, according to the Hebrew language news site Ynet.

The medical association also plans to establish a division in the health sciences to oversee the medical care of the state’s citizens, as well as providing education and medical services for the public.

The association is currently drafting a list of candidates for the position of medical director, which Zayson said is expected in the coming months.