By Emily BrowningMashable title The Most Effective Lectures for Science and Math Courses article By Amanda L. GannamMashables article A lot of people find that they can spend much more time listening to the lecture than actually reading it.

But how can you get more out of a lecture?

Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of the lecture.1.

Focus on the text.

The first step is to focus on the content.

Here are some examples of lecture topics that are more engaging:An Introduction to Physics, or how to calculate the mass of an atom (part 1)A Physicist’s Guide to Understanding Physics (part 2)A Physics Lecture (part 3)A Lecture on Physics (Part 4)A Linguistics Lecture in English (part 5) A Philosophy Lecture to Understand the World (part 6)And a bunch of other interesting topics.2.

Focus more on the people who are speaking.

If you’re going to the physics lecture, you might want to focus more on those who are giving the lecture, and less on those reading the lecture transcript.3.

Talk about physics in a way that will make them feel comfortable.

This could be a quick, easy, and engaging introduction to the subject, or it could be something more complex.

For example, you could talk about the physics of how light changes direction, or why gravity is important in physics (part 4).

A physics lecture is always going to be different than a class or seminar.4.

Give them some props.

You can’t always get the best lecture for the audience.

If someone is a great teacher, they may be more comfortable listening to a lecture in a different language.

You may be able to help that person feel more comfortable talking about the subject.5.

Be a little bit more formal.

If it’s not clear where the professor is going with a particular topic, give them a little more leeway.

You might start out with a little “I have a question for you” or “I’d like to ask you a question” type thing, or just let them know that you understand what they’re trying to get across.

If you think the topics are interesting, give it a try.

It may be worth the effort.

We’ll talk about why it’s worth it later.