The Gates Foundation’s Bill Gates is scheduled to lecture in two lectures at the University of Chicago on Monday, September 23.

Gates, who was named a US Humanitarian of the Year in 2010, will give a lecture at 1:30pm at the College of Liberal Arts.

“The lecture will be on Calculus 2, which is the theory behind many of the world’s most important technologies, including GPS, email, and the internet,” a spokesperson said.

“It will be interesting to hear how the new Calculus brings the theory of numbers to life, as well as how the theory relates to our everyday lives.”

The Gates Institute said in a statement that Gates will also talk about “creative solutions to problems, and about the future of innovation.”

The lecture is one of several that Gates is planning at the university, which he said was “a great fit” for him.

Gates was nominated by the US president for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

“I am thrilled that Bill is returning to the University to give a special lecture, and am confident that he will bring his enthusiasm and enthusiasm for solving big problems to the students and the community at large,” the University’s president, David D. Myers, said in the statement.

“Bill’s presence at the campus will bring the University community together, encourage students to participate in research projects, and provide valuable opportunities to share ideas and insights with the community.”