When the public gets bored of the Indian government, you can expect to see some serious changes, especially with regard to the way that people are being treated.

In India, people are getting used to having their lives monitored and monitored by various authorities, and are beginning to demand that the government do something about it.

The latest news out of India about how the government is monitoring the citizens comes from an article in The Hindu that has gone viral on the internet, which is actually a new one.

The story is the result of an internal survey conducted by the government, which asked people to answer some questions.

The results were then published on the government website.

The survey was taken from April 4 to April 6.

According to the report, people have been asked to provide their views on how they felt about various issues, including:The main message in the survey was: “The government should ensure a level playing field in the country.”

The survey also asked about how they would prefer their government to treat their concerns.

For instance, people who answered “yes” to the question “What should the government achieve for the next four years to make it a more inclusive country?” gave their preference for the government to be more inclusive.

The answer to “yes to both” was given as “the government should do a lot to improve education and improve healthcare”.

The survey was conducted in a series of stages, and the final result was published on March 20.

The government’s answer to the poll was a positive one, with 85.6 per cent of the respondents indicating that they would like the government in charge of their affairs.

However, the government has yet to come out with a plan for making it more inclusive and to improve the lives of its citizens.

The main problem with the survey is that it did not take into account the opinion of the public.

It is, therefore, impossible to tell whether or not people are satisfied with their government or whether they would vote for the Congress party.

It also did not account for the opinion expressed by the citizens themselves.

The public can only tell us whether or to what extent they are satisfied or dissatisfied with the government.

The data shows that the public has an overall negative opinion about the government and that it is more concerned about its lack of responsiveness to their concerns than about the lack of policies.

The public may be satisfied with the current government, but what about the future?

Some have questioned whether the current administration has the ability to address the concerns of the country’s citizens.

The latest poll results show that 70 per cent think that the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done little to address their concerns, while 34 per cent say he has done much to address them.

Another 27 per cent are dissatisfied with his handling of the situation.

In a country where democracy is a big deal, the public’s feelings on the current situation are very positive.

But it is not a surprise that people would want a change in the government’s attitude to the citizens.

In the last few years, the country has been witnessing a shift in attitude towards the country as a whole, which has helped bring about the reforms that are taking place in the economy.

But with India in the grip of its worst drought in 50 years, and many people living in poverty, it is likely that things could change in a hurry.