Researchers at the University of Sydney are offering advice to doctors who are struggling to find a doctor to see them in their condition.

The team, led by Professor Paul Williams, says they want to change the way we treat the many patients who come to them with complex conditions and chronic conditions.

“We believe that the main challenge in the field of medicine is to be aware of patients and their needs and to work with them to achieve outcomes that are best for them,” Professor Williams said.

“And what we think is a better way of doing that is to find people who have a similar set of needs, who are willing to work collaboratively, and who are also able to make decisions about their own care and their own medical treatment.”

The team is working on the next phase of their study which will look at how doctors are able to provide the most effective care to their patients.

“For example, if we’re in a situation where the person who is most ill is someone who is already suffering from a debilitating illness and they have a chronic condition, and we’re also going to have to deal with the fact that there is some sort of disability that’s interfering with the ability to perform their job,” Professor William said.

The researchers are now conducting a large-scale survey of more than 400,000 Australians to find out whether they agree with the ideas.

“There’s some things we do agree on, but we also think there’s a lot of things we don’t agree on.

And that’s why we’re actually doing a survey,” Professor Paul said.

He said he would be interested to hear about your views.

“The reason we’re asking is we’re interested in understanding how people are actually getting better and the way in which they’re achieving that, and how the process is changing,” Professor Williamson said.