Prof. Elma Watt, the author of the popular book The Big Bang Theory, is set to deliver her first lecture in three months.

She is set for a lecture on “Why The Universe Started.”

This is not Watt’s first lecture on the subject.

She taught a class in 2007, and she also gave an introductory class in 2005.

She has given two more in the past two years.

But the new lecture, scheduled for Friday, is her first time giving the lecture at her own time.

She told Vice News she has always had an open mind about teaching.

She said she is a believer in teaching through experience and that experience is what she wants to teach.

She added that she wants the students to feel the power of the universe and the importance of the Big Ben and the sun.

She explained that the Big bang and its origins were the beginning of the modern universe.

The Universe began as a very small, cold and dark point of light that eventually expanded into the universe.

Watt said this was a “good thing” because it gave the universe its structure and created all of life.

But she also said that in the end, all of the stars and galaxies were created in a moment in time.

“It’s a really interesting question because it doesn’t make sense in the way that we thought it was,” Watt said.

She also noted that the universe is expanding because the stars are moving.

“We have to keep going.

And this is why there are billions of planets in the galaxy,” she said.

Watts, who is currently teaching a course in cosmology, also said she does not believe in the Big Crunch Theory.

“The Big Bang has been overrated and the theory that’s based on the Big Burrito theory of cosmology is a lot better than the Big Theory,” she added.

“I’m not going to make it about me.

I’m not a scientist.”

Watt said that she would have liked to see the Big Buns Theory of the origins of the Universe disproved.

She emphasized that she doesn’t want to be seen as a creationist.

“My intention is not to be a creationologist.

I think the theory is a little better than what I’ve come to believe,” she told Vice.

“If you’re going to be born with a Big Burritos Theory of creation, then it’s not a good thing.”

Watt also said it would be a mistake to take the theories of cosmologists and physicists as “the truth.”

“There’s no one truth,” she explained.

“Science is all about looking at data and looking at different ways to interpret that data.”

She said the Big Boom Theory is a theory that is not only accepted in academia but is also embraced by the public.

“Everyone loves Big Bums, right?” she said with a laugh.

“Because they’re very popular.”