By the way, that was the second time Stein said this in the last 24 hours.

He said the president is ‘worried about the prospect of the president of the United States being on birth control.’

Stein said he has been ‘frightened by the prospect that he might not have access to the most effective, most cost-effective, most effective method of contraception for his family.’

This is the same Stein who has repeatedly been accused of lying about the existence of the birth control pill in an attempt to protect his business interests.

Stein said that when it comes to contraception, ‘there are no exceptions to the law’ and that the Trump administration should be ‘committed to making sure that all Americans have access, no matter what their circumstances.’

He said that ‘we cannot afford to lose the lives of millions of people every year who need and deserve access to this critical medical and life-saving method of birth control.

We can’t afford to be losing millions of our own citizens who need this option.’

When I asked Stein if he thought women should have access in the future, he responded, ‘I do.

I think that is a tragedy that they do not have it.

It is a tragic thing to say.

It’s a tragic tragedy that women are not able to get access to that option, and we are going to make sure that happens.’

In addition to Stein’s comments on the contraception issue, The Daily Beast reported that Stein was scheduled to speak on the first day of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Conference of Black Caucus Members in Washington, D.C. on Thursday.

In a statement, CBC Chairperson Marcia Fudge said that Stein’s speech ‘could not have come at a more critical time for our country’s health and well-being.’

I’m confident that we will see a stronger, more united black caucus next week, and look forward to the day when the black caucus of the Congress of Racial Equality will stand together with black women and girls to take on the Trump Administration and its harmful policies and attacks on women, children, and families.’

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