Fox News has teamed up with astronomy enthusiasts to stream lectures online for the first time.

Astronomy enthusiasts are using Cern lectures as an online audio tool to learn the fundamentals of the field.

The program,, lets viewers record lectures in real-time and stream them to their computers.

It will allow the public to listen for free to lectures delivered in the field, according to a statement from Cern.

This will allow students and researchers to discover the fundamental principles behind astronomy.

According to the program’s website, Cern has a global audience of more than 4.3 billion people and is a global leader in the science of astronomy.

Cern is a European Space Agency partner, according the statement.

Astronomers use telescopes to study the universe.

Cern has been a focal point for the astronomy community since the late 1960s when the German space agency awarded a Nobel Prize to its director, Hans Bethe.

During that time, astronomers have focused on understanding the universe and its origin, while also looking for signs of life.

Bethe was also a member of the American Astronomical Society, and was the founder of the Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology in Princeton, New Jersey, where he conducted extensive observations of distant galaxies.