By David Frum article The debate over the Constitution is heating up again.

This time, the Republican Party has an opportunity to make the case to the American people that the Constitution was drafted with the American public in mind, that it has been shaped by the American imagination and by the people who made it, and that, for the first time, it is a document that the framers intended to be the law of the land.

It is a case that the Democratic Party has been waging for more than a century, and is the subject of countless court cases and legal challenges.

The first question that is being asked by both parties is: Is the Constitution a good one?

The first part of the answer is that the answer can be no, but the second part is much more difficult.

First, there are the two parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, who are fighting over a document known as the Constitution.

The Constitution is the founding document of the United States.

It was written by a group of mostly people who were mostly American citizens and who were divided into three classes: The First, Second, and Third.

The First class were the citizens who were able to get married.

What is the First class?

They were all men who had been married to one of the Founding Fathers.

And there was only one woman in that group, and she was the first female president of the First Amendment Society.

So this was a group that was made up of men, and they were the ones who wrote the Constitution, and it was drafted by them.

That’s what they were going to do.

They weren’t going to let the Constitution be written by anyone else.

They were going do it by themselves.

The Second class, they were all women.

They didn’t have to be married, but they were supposed to be.

They couldn’t vote.

They could only be in office for a limited term.

They had to serve their entire term in office.

And they were very concerned that if the First and Second classes of citizens got together and decided to form an organization, and say, We want to form a government, we should draft a constitution, then it was going to be an unconstitutional government.

The first class of Americans, the First classes, were the people that were going start to take charge.

The Third class, the people of the Third class.

They did not have to get a marriage license, they didn’t need to be allowed to vote, and were not going to get the right to own a home.

They would have to go into slavery.

The First, the Second, the Third, and the First were all Americans.

They owned property, and owned the land that they worked on.

They enjoyed certain privileges that we all enjoy today.

The Constitution was written to be a government for the people.

The Democrats have been saying for a long time that the Founding Father didn’t intend for any of those things to happen.

I have said that on several occasions.

In fact, I had a meeting with Senator Harry Truman, who was the Democratic candidate for president in 1948.

And we discussed what was going on with slavery.

I said, Why didn’t you just say it?

Truman replied, We had a great deal of slavery.

He went on to say, I thought that you had a lot of slaves, but you didn’t want to do anything about it.

It’s a very strange, unoriginal position, but Truman was very candid about his thoughts on slavery.

So we’re arguing over the fact that there is a First class of people, a Second class of folks, and a Third class of individuals.

Then there are a lot more people who do not have a spouse, who don’t have children, and there are also people who don, but who are not allowed to get into office because they are slaves.

There are people who are excluded from voting, but not allowed the right of suffrage.

We have the Third category, which is people who can only be a member of the House of Representatives.

So they are not entitled to vote.

And then there are people like myself, who were not part of that First class, but I could have been.

I could be a Democrat.

I could have voted.

It would have been so easy for me to vote against the Second class and to say that I don’t like what they did, I didn’t like the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment was a right, and we are entitled to have that right, but we don’t want it taken away from us.

The Founding Fathers understood the political power of the people to decide who they wanted to serve in the Congress, but what they didn.

There is a very long history in American politics of people saying, I’m going to vote for the Republican candidate, and then I’m not voting for the Democratic.

The Democrats, the Democrats in Congress, and many people in the Republican party have been very clear about