LITTLE HILL, Iowa (AP) The season finale of Lilyhammer is out in a big way.

In the season’s final episode, Sam (Tom Skerritt) is shown driving a car.

It’s not his fault, Sam tells himself.

It wasn’t meant to be.

He was just trying to save his daughter from being kidnapped by an evil cult leader who has an agenda.

Sam has never been so angry.

He doesn’t understand how he did this.

And he has no idea how to get out of it.

That’s the message the showrunners hope audiences get as they deliver a final season to The CW.

The final installment of the “Lilyhounds” TV series will debut on Oct. 1.

That means we’ll finally get to see the gang in action.

The show’s creators, Aaron Sorkin and Dan Cohen, have a lot to answer for in this finale.

They’ve worked hard to show how Sam is a deeply flawed man.

They have built him into the most beloved character in the show’s history.

But it’s also how Sam came to be, with a plan to save her.

And that’s what the finale is about.

And Sam isn’t the only one with a big question mark: What lies beneath the surface of Sam’s story?

For this final episode of the show, the writers had to figure out what was happening to Sam and the gang at the heart of their story.

That meant a lot of digging.

“There’s a lot that Sam doesn’t know about his family,” Sorkins told The Associated Press.

“He doesn’t even know his own father.”

They also tried to figure it out.

For the first time, the story will focus on Sam’s relationship with his father, Tom (James Adomian).

They’re both part of a group of characters called the “Dogs of the Dorm,” which is a reference to the “Dr. Seuss” books.

They live in a home called The Dorm.

It is also where the gang lives when they’re out for their walks, like when they play soccer or go to a movie.

“It’s a great place to live, but it also is a place to be manipulated,” Sorrows said.

“I think it was a very subtle message that we wanted to send.

The Dogs are a very secretive group.

There’s a bit of an internal power struggle going on, but the people in the Dogs are very, very protective of the dog.”

So how do they know they’re being watched?

What’s a dog to do when it’s surrounded by people?

What is it like to be part of an underground cult?

How do you become a dog in this society?

What does the word “dog” mean?

The answers to these questions and many more will be revealed in the finale of “LILYHULHANS.”

For the final episode in the series, Sam and his gang have to get away from their secret home and find the secret of a mysterious man in the woods.

The story will also reveal the mystery behind the disappearance of Sam and a mysterious woman, who was found alive in the wild.

But Sam won’t know the answers until they see the show.

That was the challenge Sorkinos and Cohen had to tackle: How do we tell the story of a family who are trying to get back home, with the people they love and the family they’re going to have to deal with?

It’s a huge task.

“We had to tell Sam’s father’s story.

He’s the one who’s going to be the driving force in the whole show,” Sinkins said.

Sam’s journey into the darkness is the first episode of this new season.

“This season, we’re taking a different direction,” Søklin said.

It has some familiar elements, like a family, Sam, the dog, and a big bad wolf.

“Sam is still very much a child in this story.

The fact that Sam has to make that choice is very important for Sam, and that’s where it begins,” Sockins said, pointing to Sam’s desire to go home.

It all leads to an even bigger mystery in the season finale: Is the secret behind The Doh is really as big as we think?

It might be.

Sorkini and Cohen hope viewers get to find out in this final season.

But they don’t want the audience to be disappointed.

“The finale is not intended to be a cliffhanger,” Söldring said.

Instead, it’s meant to have a conclusion.

“So you’re not going to think ‘Oh, my God, I just missed something,'” Søllins said about the ending.

But the finale has its own twists.

The finale will include a twist Sam may have not realized, which will push the series forward in new directions.

The ending will be a major turning point in the