Ecuador’s new President, Rafael Correa, has called for the end of all international attacks against his country.

Correa spoke to a meeting of the nation’s Parliament, which is chaired by Ecuador’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Correaso told the lawmakers, who are also Ecuador’s Congressmen, that he believes they have the right to fight against international terrorism, especially if they are not in the country.

“They are a threat to the national security, because they try to interfere in our internal affairs,” Correa said.

Corréso also said that he was going to continue to work with the U.S. to confront ISIS.

He said that the United States should not be allowed to continue this war of terrorism.

“It’s a war of terror, and it has to end,” he said.

“And we must not allow it to continue.”

In April, Correa announced a new national emergency to combat ISIS, saying the organization was “an enemy of the people.”

The president said the emergency would go into effect after the U: S. Congress votes to authorize an investigation into possible involvement in the May 2016 coup attempt against him.

The coup attempt succeeded in ousting Correa and his leftist party, which he had long opposed.

Correra’s new government has also begun cracking down on foreign investment in Ecuador, saying that the country has become a “corporate haven” for ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Correraso said that his government is “going to continue its struggle against terrorism,” but did not specify what that struggle would entail.

The new president also addressed his country’s financial problems, saying it was time to confront the root causes of the country’s problems.

“There are many people who have committed crimes, and there are others who have not,” he told the Parliament.

“Some of them are criminals.

They’re not doing anything wrong.

And some of them have no connection to the government, and some of those are criminals.”