New York (NY) — As we near the end of the year, a number of our best books are finally available to you.

This list is based on a review of our own best-of list, but we hope that this year’s best book will also inspire you to give them a try.

It’s always a good idea to read all of our reviews carefully before you decide to buy, but here are some of our favorite books that have been on the best-seller lists since last year.1.

The Big Short: The Case Against the Federal Reserve by William D. Buckley and Robert Kagan (Regnery) — This is an easy read for anyone who’s ever read an anti-Fed book.

But this one is especially useful for those who are new to the subject, because the authors have been doing a lot of research and writing on the subject for decades.

It is a good book to read if you’re looking for a balanced look at the central bank and the Federal Government.2.

The Best-Kept Secret: A Memoir by Thomas Friedman (Random House) — Friedman has written extensively about his life, work, and ideas.

His memoir, which is set in the years after his death, is a must read for all who want to understand what it was like to work in an economy that’s gone through so many transitions and crises.3.

The Party Machine: A Personal Journey with Bernie Sanders (Penguin Random House)– This book is about the political awakening of Sanders that is not easy to write about in a personal setting.

But it’s also a great read for those interested in the politics of the United States.4.

The End of Power: The Rise and Fall of the Bush Dynasty (Simon & Schuster) — The most powerful political dynasty in U.S. history has been the longest-serving in U-S history, having ruled for over half a century, and it has been on a downward trajectory ever since.

This is a book about the Bush family, and how the dynasty fell into a political morass that led to its downfall.5.

The War on Drugs: The Complete History of America’s War on the Most Dangerous Drugs (Little, Brown) — Although there’s a bit of an “isn’t it true” factor to the book, the author takes a hard look at drug policy in America, from the Nixon administration to the present day, to show how the drug war is one of the most failed policies in U and U- S history.6.

The Last Man on Earth: A Journey Into the Heart of the Great Recession (Simon& Schuster, $26) — There’s a lot to like in this book, and a lot more to like than some may have guessed.

The author, a New Yorker reporter, spends more than a year exploring the lives of four families in the depths of the recession.

He also looks at the political and economic impact of the financial crisis, and examines the role of the media in the recession, the government response, and what can be done to make sure that the next economic downturn doesn’t come at the expense of the people who work to keep it going.7.

The Life and Times of Jesus Christ: A Christian Odyssey (Doubleday) — If you like to read historical fiction and want to find out how the Roman Empire became the largest Christian empire in history, this is the book for you.

Christ is the story of the Christian Church, of how its members came together and grew to become the largest, most powerful Christian group in the world.8.

A Life in the Bible: An Essential Guide to the Bible (Simon-Schuster, £20) — From the time of the first book of the Bible, it’s been a staple for students of the Holy Scriptures, and this is one book you won’t want to miss.

This new edition is filled with new and updated information on the Bible’s history, its contents, its literary origins, and its importance to us today.9.

The Good Book: The Book of Job (Simon, $35) — With a focus on the life of Job, this book is a great introduction to one of our most popular biblical characters.

It starts off by taking you to a world of poverty and poverty’s demons, and then goes into depth on the origins of Job’s faith and character.10.

The Secret History of the World by Neil Howe (William Morrow) — Howe’s book about life in ancient Rome, written over a century ago, is also a must-read for those new to Rome.

But, unlike most other ancient texts, this one doesn’t rely on a single text for its insights, instead, it uses the ancient world as a backdrop.11.

The Long Road to Redemption: A Spiritual Journey into the Life and Death of Jesus of Nazareth (Rowman & Littlefield)