The lecture as an event, on the other hand, is often an event with multiple readings.

In this case, the lectures are just one part of a larger lecture series.

The lectures can range from a single lecture or even a series of lectures.

Lecture-as-event (LATI) is a popular format for lectures.

Lately, though, the format has been criticized for the way it creates a monotonous presentation.

LATI videos are sometimes too long and sometimes too short, especially for shorter courses.

And while there are some good LATIs, they tend to focus on the lectures instead of on the content.

This article aims to answer a few questions about how to use lectures as an interactive storytelling format.

How long should a lecture be?

Lectures are often divided into one or more periods, with some lectures lasting up to an hour and some lasting for an hour.

The lectures can be short, but they usually run for more than 10 minutes.

Lectures can also be longer, but the length usually ranges from an hour to an entire day.

How can I choose the best lecture?

You can’t choose the lectures to read on your own.

You have to create a lecture series, which you can then publish on your blog or website.

But if you choose a lecture that has a great video and has lots of interactive elements, you can create a more interactive lecture series that is worth watching.

How do I create an interactive lecture?

It’s simple.

The first step is to select the topics for your lecture series and then choose the lecture format.

This step can be very useful, because the video of a lecture can be an amazing learning tool for learning about a topic.

It can be used to create an engaging and informative presentation.

For example, imagine you’re teaching a class on psychology, and you want to know what the psychological mechanisms of the human brain are.

What you might choose to do is to show an interactive video of the lecture.

You could create a video showing a person’s brain activity, or even your brain activity in real time, and show it to a group of people who then can learn about the human mind.

In fact, if you create a series that includes interactive elements like this, you’ll probably find that most people will watch it, too.

But be sure to watch carefully to make sure that the lecture is interesting.

After you’ve created the series, you may want to post the lecture on your social media page.

Then, people who are interested in the lecture series can subscribe to it.

You can also use this as a source for teaching videos.

When creating a series, it’s often a good idea to select a series with a large number of lectures, because they can be a great way to get people involved in the discussion.

How to create interactive lectures with video When creating an interactive series, the goal is to create something that people can watch in a couple of minutes.

This is very important, because people can be lost in a series for too long.

The more time people spend watching a lecture, the less time they have to interact with the lecture material.

So, in order to make a good interactive lecture, you should select an interesting lecture series to start with.

You should also choose a variety of videos that will be relevant to the topic.

This way, if the video contains interactive elements or if the lecture contains interactive components, people can understand the lecture as well as the interactive component.

For examples of how to create video for lectures, see the video tutorial for this article.

This tutorial demonstrates how to write a lecture video with a video-based interactive lecture.

In the next section, you will learn how to upload your lecture as a video.