By all accounts, the lecture is an easy sell for the BSB.

It’s billed as “anatomical lectures” and is aimed at “educating students about the mechanisms of the human brain” and the “dynamics of bullying.”

As a result, the BSPB has seen an increase in registrations from 1,000 to 6,000.

The lecture is delivered on “anecdotal evidence” and focuses on the “biological mechanisms” of bullying, said an online petition.

“The lecture aims to educate students about bullying by giving a brief introduction of what bullying looks like and then the lecture will take students through a series of exercises which will help them to develop coping skills, avoid triggers, and build resilience,” the petition said.

The petition has garnered more than 1,400 signatures.

The BSPC also released a “bias response” video featuring the lecture, which has already garnered over 1.6 million views.

According to the petition, the video is intended to “encourage students to talk about the BSSB’s bias response program and their impact.”

“In addition to the lecture on bullying, the [bias] response video also highlights the BBSB’s anti-bullying training program, including its anti-social behaviour program, and provides students with a chance to meet with the BSA’s staff in person,” the BSW said in a statement.

BBSBSB and the BSCA both issued statements defending the lecture and saying the BPSB is “not the BSU’s official policy.”

“BSPB is proud to offer an anatomically-based education and is committed to ensuring that all of its students receive the knowledge and skills needed to effectively navigate bullying,” said a BSPBC spokesperson.

We strive to make our curriculum and teaching as accessible as possible, and encourage all teachers to use their best judgement when making decisions in their classroom. “

We work with our teachers and staff to ensure the curriculum and materials are appropriate and aligned with our values.

BSPBs’ own policy also said that it will “not censor the content.””

BPSB will not be censoring any content and we take every precaution to ensure all students receive an education that will enable them to safely navigate this challenging time in their lives.”

BSPBs’ own policy also said that it will “not censor the content.”