By Mark Sisson and Matthew StollmannPublished Aug 18, 2018 11:17:58When it comes to dealing with bullying, the first step in any conversation is to get a clear idea of who’s bullying you.

So the Gellons’ latest lecture on bullying will help you understand what you need to say and do in order to prevent the kind of harm that might befall you, even if you’re a victim.

“I think the idea that you’re the one who’s going to make the choices is a huge mistake,” said Mark Sully, the director of the Gilder Lehrman Center for Family Research at the University of Minnesota.

“It means you’re really just being asked to do something that’s not going to help you.”

It’s important to understand that the bullying you hear in the lecture is not only about your own behavior.

It also involves the attitudes and behaviors of people around you, including people in authority positions.

It’s called peer pressure.

The Gilders have developed a video that tells the story of their journey.

They had been on the receiving end of the bullying for years, but the school system didn’t do anything to help until the Gollons’ daughter came forward and said she was bullied herself.

“It was like the worst kind of abuse, just because I was a teenager,” said Gildsons daughter, Jennifer.

“I thought that I had to stand up for myself and get the help that I needed, and they said, ‘You have to go to therapy.'”

We wanted to create something that made us feel like we were doing something to make things better.

That’s how we were able to make this video, and now it’s helping kids across the country.

“If we could make the video to help kids, then I think we could save so many lives.

We’re saving thousands of kids from bullying.”

The video has been featured in national media, including The New York Times and the Associated Press.

It is available for free download from the Gllons’ website.

Gildersons’ efforts are helping people all across the nation who are victims of bullying, but there are some challenges.

The video isn’t perfect, and it’s not perfect for every school.

It isn’t ideal for a person who might not have had a choice in the matter, but it works for the Gittons.

“The video is really, really good for kids, because it gives them a sense of purpose and gives them some perspective,” said Jennifer.

But it doesn’t tell the whole story.

It doesn’t give parents the sense that this person is going to be a good parent.

“What I like about it is that we don’t have to talk about the bullying that we see on TV or in the movies,” said Jayne Gilderson, who also is the mother of two sons, Josh and Zach.

“We don’t need to talk to people about it.

The video doesn’t have that.”

She said her sons have a way of working through it that they’ll tell her about in the video.

“When I go to the movies, I go and watch them with them, but I’m still going to have a conversation with them,” she said.

“But we have to be able to put it in perspective.

You don’t want to say, ‘Oh my God, I’m so angry with this person.

What did they do?'””

There’s a lot of shame in the world, and the best way to deal with it is to just get over it,” said Josh Gilding.

“That’s what I’ve learned the hard way.”

It also doesn’t help that some people might feel intimidated or uncomfortable with a video showing their children in an abusive setting.

It might seem like an odd place for them to be, but Jayne has learned that it’s much better to share the message with people who might be more likely to be listening.

“You’re not going away, so if you do have any doubt, just come to my house and we can talk,” she told me.

Jayne and Jennifer said they plan to make their own video to show their sons and their families how to prevent bullying.

They also plan to host a private Facebook group that will be used to help teachers understand what the best ways to talk and act with their students are.

“We want to do it in the public eye,” Jayne said.

It’ll help other parents understand what it’s like to be the one at the center of the story.

“This is the thing that I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I feel like it’s the most powerful thing I can do,” said Jeff Gildinger, who is also the father of two boys, Zach and Josh.

“This is going the furthest I can go.

I’m going to share this video with the world so that everyone can