— AJP Taylor is on a roll.

The former Texas A&M star has spent the last month leading a string of motivational lectures across the country, one of which is set to be released this week.

Taylor is on the verge of releasing his autobiography, “What a Life,” and the book’s release comes as his career is coming to an end.

His latest book, “How to Love the Moment,” is set for release Tuesday, April 23, according to a release from Taylor’s publisher, the Oxford University Press.

AJR will release Taylor’s first-person memoir, “The Unfailing Artist,” in September, while the second book will be out in 2018.

Taylor’s book is set in the early 1960s in New Orleans, where he was the No. 1 quarterback in the country and became a star.

It is filled with quotes from the star quarterback and other notable figures, including Bobby Brown, Joe Namath and Johnny Unitas.

Taylor also talked about how to grow and thrive in life, including how to love “the moment.”

“The Unfiltered Moment,” a companion book to Taylor’s book, will also be released in 2018, and the first book in Taylor’s trilogy of motivational talks will be released next year.

Taylor has been on a tear this year, going 3-0, 1-0 and 0-1, as he has earned a spot on ESPN’s College GameDay this week, where the former Heisman Trophy winner discussed the success of his book.

Taylor was also named one of the 10 best college football players of all time by ESPN.

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