Calculus 2 Lectures 2: Lectures on Basics, Variations, and Algorithms

This week, we’ll explore a basic introduction to Calculus, starting with the basic ideas and starting with some examples to get you up to speed on the fundamentals. This lecture is for anyone interested in the basics of Calculus who wants to understand how to apply the concepts, and is particularly suitable for those who are […]

‘I’m not a bad woman’: Why I don’t care if I’m criticized by men or women

A few weeks ago, a female professor at the University of California, Berkeley, asked me a question about the media’s treatment of me in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.It was a simple one: Why did I feel so much pressure to conform to the stereotype of the feminist who hates men and wants […]

How to get in shape and keep playing football

When you’ve played two seasons and your body is starting to feel the effects of the grueling season, you’re at the point where you’re ready to start thinking about what you can do to get better.If you want to be successful, you have to take action.The next step is to start taking action.This week, we […]

How to listen to science lectures without spending money

I have been doing science lectures for years.I’ve done them for the past few years at home, in my own apartment, in a coffee shop, and at my local university.The reason I chose to do them at home is that I want to listen as much as possible to the lectures without being in the […]

MIT lectures online, live from New York

A handful of MIT professors are planning to lecture online from their homes in the city.On Tuesday, a panel of professors, professors from across the globe, and students will discuss how MIT’s lecture series has become the best way to learn from one another.It’s the first time MIT will host online lectures, and the first […]

What is Islam? – interactive lecture

Lectures about Islam have become a popular subject for Islamic lectures, but they can be hard to find.That is not surprising, given the current climate.One of the biggest challenges for Islamic speakers is finding venues and venues for Islamic events.Here’s a look at what is available in Sydney.In January, a Muslim man named Mohammed Shafiq […]

Which Christmas Lectures Do You Really Want?

In the spirit of celebrating the season, Bleacher Reports has compiled a list of all the Christmas lectures that are really worth listening to.The list is divided into five categories:A) Christmas Lecture Series that are worth the price of admissionB) Christmas Series that you may want to skipC) Series that don’t quite make the cutD) […]

The first-ever American-born president to visit Venezuela

A group of Venezuelans is hoping to get their first-born son, who was born to an American citizen and the wife of an American diplomat, to attend the inauguration of President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday.The American born to a Venezuelan mother and American citizen wife is the first American to attend such an event, said […]

When Ben Stein says it’s a ‘tragedy’ that the president’s health care law doesn’t cover birth control, the media is reporting it as if he was saying he didn’t believe women should be able to have abortions.

By the way, that was the second time Stein said this in the last 24 hours.He said the president is ‘worried about the prospect of the president of the United States being on birth control.’Stein said he has been ‘frightened by the prospect that he might not have access to the most effective, most cost-effective, […]

How to Find a Graduate Job in Accounting

A lot of students and alumni say that they are excited to learn about how to become a professional accountant.In the last year, this has resulted in some graduates having to go to graduate school and learn their craft from someone else.But it also means that some of the job opportunities that they thought were […]

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